3m ESPE - Penta Mixing Tips (30pcs) 77919

Brand:  3m ESPE
Product Code:  Penta Mixing Tips 77919
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3M ESPE PentaMix Red Mixing Tips

  • The mixer program was developed particularly for the various requirements of dental applications
  • The static mixing method provides excellent and consistent mixing performance
  • Ideal for silicones and epoxies

 Compatible with the following impression systems:

  • 3M ESPE - Permadyne Penta H & L, (Duosoft )
  • 3M ESPE - Impregum Penta & Penta Soft
  • 3M ESPE - Express XT Penta Putty, H & H Quick
  • 3M ESPE - Ramitec Penta
  • 3M ESPE - Position Penta
  • 3M ESPE - Soft Monophase


  • Pack of 50 tips