Dentalfilm - Eco 30 - Self Developing X-ray Film (50pcs)

Brand:  Dentalfilm
Product Code:  Eco 30
Availability:  Pre-Order

The ECO-30 films come ready packed with a monobath containing both developer and fixer, and so do not require a darkroom.

The ECO-30 is intended to provide fast, high-resolution x-rays without the use of a dental processor.
Available as a self-contained packet with a monobath solution in one end and an adult size film in the other, the  ECO-30 x-ray is fully developed in 50 seconds.
It is recommended for endodontic and implant procedures, nursing home dentistry, mobile dentistry, late night emergencies, and in case of equipment failure.
The developed x-ray can be archived for up to 10 years.

Box content:
50 films - Size 2: 31mm x 41mm

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