Apart from the already discounted deals usually available at Onlydent, we have created an area we are calling Group where dentists can let us know their preferred supplies or a particular product they may be interested in so we can create regular custom-made deals.

Unlike Groupon, our system doesn't issue coupons, bind you to contracts or oblige you to buy these products when they become available as a deal..

When we achieve a significant level of interest in a particular product, we will seal a deal and offer the product for a limited period of time (if it is a spot interest) or regularly (if it is a product that has been ordered several times).

Please click on the following button if you would like to submit your request. 


We operate a simple policy of first come first served. If you have previously shown an interest in a product that is already available in the front store as a DEAL, it doesn't give you priority on the purchase.

We will however alert anyone who has already shown interest in a product that is going to feature in a DEAL, by sending them an email or Tweet 24 hours before the product will be available for sale: in this case the product can be pre-ordered.

When a DEAL is on, the product can be pre-ordered easily with an iPhone or Android Smartphone, without the need to install an application.