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Zhermack - Indurent Gel Catalyst 60ml
Indurent Gel is an activator for the Zetaplus and Oranwash Advantages FO..
Zhermack - Oranwash L Wash 140ml
Low viscosity C-Silicone. Ideal for two-stage technique, single-stage technique with two viscosities..
Zhermack - Zetaplus Kit (Putty + Indurent + Oranwash)
  In this offer is included: 1 x Heraeus - Optosil Comfort Putty 900ml 1 x Heraeus - Xantopr..
Zhermack - Zetaplus Putty 900ml
Zetaplus can be used with c-silicone putty Very soft and easy to mix. Re..