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The Buchanan System B Pluggers have revolutionized warm gutta percha techniques.
These high-quality pluggers have a shape that closely matches the final root canal preparation.
This maximizes condensation forces on the softened gutta percha without placing undue stress on the root canal system.
Because the System B Heat Source provides an exact temperature throughout the procedure, the Buchanan Pluggers do not over-soften the gutta percha and the warm mass fills lateral canals as easy as it seals apically.
When you disengage the heat, the pluggers cool almost instantly and separate easily from the condensed gutta percha.

Individual Pluggers

Number Description
952-0007 Medium-Large Buchanan Plugger, .12 Taper
952-0006 Medium Buchanan Plugger, .10 Taper
952-0005 Fine-Medium Buchanan Plugger, .08 Taper
952-0004 Fine Buchanan Plugger, .06 Taper
952-0031 Extra Fine Buchanan Plugger, .04 Taper